What Needs to Happen for Broader Security Token Adoption: Industry Experts Weigh In

Security tokens are gaining steam and have been shown to provide significant benefits over traditional financial processes, but security token adoption still has a long way to go before the technology becomes the norm. In this e-book, experts in the space weigh in on what needs to happen for security token adoption to increase.

by Polymath.

E-Book: What Needs to Happen for Broader Security Token Adoption

Get industry experts’ take on what needs to happen to increase institutional adoption

We need to stop arguing over the fine-print

Jonathan Galea, CEO of BCAS, gives his take on two ways the industry’s focus on finer details has been preventing mainstream implementation of blockchain technology

Regulation needs to catch up and big players need to get on board

Claus Skaaning, CEO of DigiShares, discusses the importance of regulation and how recent changes in the regulatory landscape have led to increasing interest from banks

Intermediaries need the right infrastructure to support security tokens

Mike Kessler, CEO and Founder of Tokenise, talks about why financial intermediaries play an integral role and the ways CSD’s can benefit from blockchain

We need dedicated funds to drive up the volume

Ultan Miller, Managing Partner of Saxon Advisors, gives his views on why we need to see new funds created with the possibilities for tokenization and blockchain in mind

Securities requirements need to be built into the core of the chain

James Byrne, CTO of Digivault, discusses why institutional adoption of security tokens will require the creation of a new blockchain characterised by its customisation for securities

We need to make it easier for investors

Martin Kreitmair, Managing Director of Tangany, gives his take on the importance of making digital assets as easy for investors as traditional assets and what’s needed to get there

We need purpose-built infrastructure

Adam Dossa, Polymath’s own Chief Technology Officer, comments on why purpose-built infrastructure is necessary and the fastest way to bring the benefits of tokenization to markets

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The security token market is gaining steam and institutions are becoming increasingly interested, but there’s still a ways to go before institutional adoption. Get industry experts’ views on what needs to happen for security tokens to be embraced more broadly in this e-book.

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“Polymesh streamlines antiquated processes and opens the door to new financial instruments by solving challenges with the public infrastructure through five key design principles built into the base layer of the chain, rather than as external add-ons.”

Adam Dossa
Chief Technology Officer