Polymath is now a member of The Canadian Association of Alternative Strategies & Assets

Posted by Polymath

Polymath is a proud member of the Canadian Association of Alternative Assets and Strategies (CAASA).

Polymath carries the weight of responsibility for the future we are building together in the alternative investment community. We are passionate about contributing to the amazing work being done in this space and are proud to be members of The Canadian Association of Alternative Strategies & Assets (CAASA).

CAASA is Canada’s largest association representing the alternative investment industry with approximately 400 members — including alternative investment managers, pension plans, foundations, endowments, and service providers. Its membership and activities span all alternatives from hedge funds and venture capital to real estate and cryptocurrencies. Founded in 2018, CAASA’s mission is to bring Canada to the world and the world to Canada by promoting information sharing, networking, and collaborative initiatives between its members and the industry at large.

Learn more about CAASA’s mission.

CAASA often puts on industry conferences, social gatherings as well as virtual opportunities for connection, such as podcasts and webinars. Polymath, as a sponsor and attendee of numerous CAASA events, proudly joins in discussions with their subject matter experts, in an effort to advance sound business practices in alternative investing.

Check out CAASA’s events schedule.

Browse the list of industry events CAASA has collected.

Dig into the educational resources that CAASA put together.


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