Polymesh Whitepaper Sheds Light on Specialized Blockchain

Posted by Polymath

This article from Securities.io discusses the recent release of the whitepaper for Polymesh, the purpose-built blockchain developed by Polymath specifically for security tokens. The article notes that general-purpose blockchains like Ethereum have challenges related to performance and scalability for security tokens, and that Polymesh aims to address these challenges by including features such as regulated assets, identity, record keeping, capital distribution, corporate governance, and stablecoins. The article states that Polymesh will model assets and compliance after the ERC-1400 library, and that transactions will be facilitated through identities rather than public key infrastructure. The article also mentions that token holders will be allowed to vote and perform other corporate actions on-chain, and that the blockchain will be fueled by its native token, POLYX.

Polymesh Whitepaper Sheds Light on Specialized Blockchain

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