Polymath Implements ‘Poho’, Making ST-20 Compliant with ERC-1400 Standards

Posted by Polymath

This article from Securities.io discusses the implementation of a new standard by Polymath, called POHO, which aims to make ST-20 compliant with ERC-1400, a set of token standards on Ethereum. The article explains that the implementation of POHO will enable issuers of security tokens to have more flexibility in terms of the data they can store on the blockchain, and also allows for more customization in the smart contract logic that governs the token.

The article also mentions that the POHO standard will provide more security and compliance features for issuers, such as the ability to freeze or burn tokens, and to enforce regulatory compliance in different jurisdictions. The article states that this new standard will help to bring more transparency and efficiency to the security token market, and make it more accessible to a wider range of investors.

Polymath Implements ‘Poho’, Making ST-20 Compliant with ERC-1400 Standards



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