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Tyler Vinson
From the real estate side, investment real estate is a real dinosaur industry. In fact, it's really the last major investment asset class that hasn't gone digital. So it's absolutely ripe for disruption and creating a digital title or tokenizing - real estate opens up that door to all of the digital features that other asset classes have enjoyed, like stocks, for example, or even more recently, being able to take advantage of some of the amenities that the cryptocurrency world has brought.

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Tyler Vinson
And it's all been able to be built on the blockchain technology. So the major innovation for real estate will be to bring some of these digital amenities that haven't existed for that asset class into an industry that desperately needs it.

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Vince Kadar
For real estate, I think this is a key opportunity, and to put a megaphone on what Tyler actually just said, it is an untapped market globally. There's a lot of intrinsic value that has not been realized. I think what we're creating here together is formational from an industry point of view. And we're just at the beginning of what I think is something that, you know, will unlock a lot of value and opportunities for other people, right, from the investor side, but also from the land developers to commercial real estate developers to, you know, for a segment that actually has operated, I'd say actually, in a very traditional way, right. And so we're shaking things up. We're making things actually that were traditional, non-traditional or evolving, helping to evolve the industry. And we're creating a platform and a technology and a partnership that really helps emphasize that. And so I'm really looking forward to working closely with Tyler and REtokens and the team so we can really monetize the value, and the hidden value, that exists in today's markets.