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Polymath is pleased to be contributing to the yWhales community! 

Check out the fireside chats where our CEO, Vince Kadar, participated with the yWhales community, and as well, watch the yWhales and Polymath podcast, where Vince talks with Jay Steinback, Founder and CEO of yWhales, about our new Polymath Capital Platform that solves many problems of asset digitization — all in one platform. 



YWhales is a community-based firm that builds, advises, and invests in Web3 technologies through our four divisions: Communities, Solutions, Ventures, and Labs. Their ecosystem is comprised of CEOs, entrepreneurs, and executives from industries all across the world who are all centered around the belief that Web3 will shape the future of how we live, work, and play.

The yWhales Web3 ecosystem facilitates the migration from Web2 to Web3 for-and-by-the world's top executives, entrepreneurs, and visionaries. It does this through a focus on education, collaboration, and consultation, with an ultimate vision of the next wave of innovation being inclusive of all.

The future of Web3 will be written by global communities. They won’t recognize the borders of traditional nation-states with influence similar to or greater than Fortune 1000 companies. These communities of engaged, passionate individuals will redefine the global economic landscape.
- Jay Steinback, Founder & CEO of yWhales




Our CEO, Vince Kadar, was able to join in on some fireside chats over the past year to discuss current news, mining, regulation, NFTs, DeFi, market and macro-environments. The fireside chats are virtual, private, and confidential community-wide events. They are geared towards community engagement and centered around web3, with weekly sector reports, educational trainings, presentations, news segments, community updates, and more. The event is free-flowing and structured to encourage participation and engagement from all members. The fireside chats are never recorded and what’s said there, stays there. This allows guests and members to open up and share more than they typically would.



"Are we reinventing the wheel? No, we are making it better", watch this episode of yWhales where Polymath's CEO Vince Kadar, also Governing Council Member for Polymesh, spoke with Jay Steinback about our new Polymath Capital Platform that solves many problems of asset digitization — all in one platform.

The Polymath Capital Platform is an institutional-grade platform that digitizes real-world assets represented as security tokens and operated through smart contracts. Polymesh is an institutional-grade open-source blockchain built specifically for regulated assets. Vince talks about the platform and blockchain and how these provide a foundation for a security token market.

Watch it now if you missed it!



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