Digivault Joins Polymath Service Provider Ecosystem

Posted by Polymath

Digivault, the secure digital asset custody provider, is going to be listed in the Polymath Service Provider Ecosystem where security token issuers can connect with integrated providers including custody providers.

This will allow Digivault to broaden its reach into a burgeoning community of ecosystem participants, while offering Polymath users the opportunity to utilize Digivault’s simple and transparent custody services.

Digivault is committed to advancing transparency, security and inclusion in tokenized assets. Digivault believes that this collaboration is an important stepping stone in the ascendance of the digital asset class, and this will expand the security infrastructure offerings for tokenized assets investors in the Polymath ecosystem while providing greater transparency for all users.

Making Blockchain Work for Capital Markets CTA“Polymath has been driving industry-wide security token adoption. We are pleased to announce this collaboration, that recognizes the unparalleled security assurance of Digivault’s custody offering”, said Mr. Robert Cooper, Chief Executive Officer of Digivault.

Graeme Moore, Head of Tokenization at Polymath said “Digivault’s custody service is built from its foundation to be secure, driven by risk assessments and not relying on secrecy for security. At Polymath, we share this commitment to transparency and security, and it is brilliant to have Digivault join the strong network of providers that we have built”.

Digivault’s mantra of ‘Secure by Design’ is reinforced by internationally recognized standards and accreditations including Cyber Essentials Plus, which is backed by the UK Government. Digivault has passed the rigorous process that ensures it has the measures in place to protect against the vast majority of common cyberattacks, including hacking, phishing, malicious software and ransomware and distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks.

About Digivault

Digivault was founded in December 2018 in London by a team of IT solution delivery experts from the finance and security sectors to deliver enterprise grade cold, and warm, digital asset custody solutions that would operate in harmony with one another. As a Diginex Group company, Digivault is able to support both internal and external clients with the same exacting standards. For more information visit: https://www.digivault.com/

About Diginex

Diginex is a blockchain financial services and technology company. Diginex partners with institutional investors, corporations and governments to make digital assets more accessible and business processes more efficient and secure. Diginex believes its collaborative approach and pursuit of global cooperation is optimal to drive institutional adoption of blockchain technologies and the regulated use of digital assets. For more information visit: https://www.diginex.com/

About Polymath

Polymath makes it easy to create, issue, and manage tokens on the blockchain. Over 200 tokens have been deployed using our Ethereum-based solution and we are now in the midst of launching Polymesh, an institutional-grade blockchain built specifically for regulated assets. It streamlines antiquated processes and opens the door to new financial instruments by solving the inherent challenges with public infrastructure around identity, compliance, confidentiality, and governance.

Watch this 2-minute demo to see the process of issuing a token on our new purpose-built blockchain, Polymesh, in action, or visit https://polymath.network to learn more.


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