B89 Teams with Polymath as the Newest Node Operator on the Polymesh Blockchain

Posted by Polymath

B89, a Peruvian fintech platform that aims to empower Hispanic Americans through borderless financial services, is joining the growing network of node operators on Polymesh. Polymesh is a permissioned blockchain purpose-built by Polymath specifically for regulated assets. It is currently in testnet phase with mainnet launch anticipated for later this year. 

Most public blockchains are insufficient at meeting the needs of capital markets participants. For example, public infrastructures can fail to prevent pseudonymous entities from writing new blocks and validating transactions. In contrast, Polymath meets market requirements by building core principles of identity, confidentiality, governance, and compliance into the chain’s architecture. Even its node operators must be verified permissioned entities. This enables new blocks to continue to be written, but only by trusted capital markets participants. 

With B89 working as a node operator on Polymesh, there are now 13 regulated capital markets participants helping to secure the chain. Other node operators include Entoro Capital, Oasis Pro Inc. (majority owner of Oasis Pro Markets), and Digivault, among others. B89 will be the first operator based in Latin America, which will help to increase the global presence of the Polymath blockchain and the borderless network it promises to expand and benefit. 

We believe that blockchain technology can redefine the way financial solutions work, but this can’t happen on public blockchain networks where members are anonymous and exempted from liability.

Making Blockchain Work for Capital Markets CTA“We believe that blockchain technology can redefine the way financial solutions work, but this can’t happen on public blockchain networks where members are anonymous and exempted from liability,” said Franco Pastor Pajares, Data Science & Blockchain Lead at B89. “Polymesh is extremely valuable because it offers a blockchain network with robust computational capabilities in which members are validated and recognized as regulated financial entities.”

B89 seeks to empower Hispanic Americans with simple, fair, and transparent cross-border financial services and digital payments. The financial services platform unifies traditionally separate core services of payments, remittances, and banking in a single mobile application. B89 is committed to scaling as technology develops, as well as encouraging sustainability and decentralized ownership, which is a key offering of blockchain technology. 

“B89 is focused on both technological and geographical growth and expansion, and we’re thrilled that they’ve chosen to pursue their vision by teaming up with Polymath on the Polymesh blockchain,” said Chris Housser, Interim CEO of Polymath. “Operators are integral to Polymesh’s infrastructure, and we’re excited to have B89 working with us and our other operators to keep the chain secure.”


About B89

Our vision is to empower Hispanic Americans with simple, fair and transparent borderless financial services and digital payments. B89 has a world-class technical team. We have developed an innovative, secure and scalable platform, designed to meet the expected exponential growth. We have focused on developing the engagement layer. While for the other components that offer less competitive differentiation, we opted to integrate best-in-class solutions. Our technical platform is built to support cross-border banking. We select world-class IT partners who can scale with our platform and accompany us in the geographic expansion of B89. 

About Polymath

Polymath makes it easy to create, issue, and manage tokens on the blockchain. More than 200 tokens have been deployed using our Ethereum-based solution, and we are now working on the Polymesh blockchain initiative, an institutional-grade blockchain built specifically for regulated assets. It streamlines antiquated processes and opens the door to new financial instruments by solving the inherent challenges with public infrastructure around identity, compliance, confidentiality, and governance.

Watch this 2-minute demo to see the process of issuing a token on Polymesh in action, or visit https://polymath.network to learn more.


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