Polymesh Running with the Bulls Is Now Over


More than 5 months after the launch of Polymesh ITN, Running with the Bulls is coming to a close in preparation for Polymesh mainnet.

Over course of the incentivized testnet, we’ve seen an incredible response from our community with over 4,300 engaged users onboarded and 3,700 tokens created. And with 99 million points earned, needless to say, users are eager to collect their rewards. 

A huge thanks goes out to our community for rolling up their sleeves, diving into the ITN, and providing plenty of feedback. Each of you has given your time to help us make Polymesh and the corresponding dApps better. 

Users will be able to collect their ITN rewards upon Polymesh mainnet launch through the ITN Rewards page. Until then, users can view the Polymesh ITN Rewards spreadsheet to see their place in the leaderboard, number of points, and potential POLYX reward. Please note points are subject to change and might be recalculated prior to mainnet. 

Operators who participated in the ITN will hear from their Polymath contact for rewards distribution. Until then, sit tight—Polymesh is coming soon! 

Running with the Bulls closed Wednesday, September 15 at 12 PM EST.

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