Polymesh ITN Key Learnings for Week of June 7


Polymesh is alive and humming! We continue to see users onboard and complete Running with the Bulls Challenges, and operators have taken well to performing their node operating duties with consistent uptimes and proper block writing. As a matter of fact, we just hit the millionth block.

Our latest key learnings are a multi-faceted dive into where we are seeing engagement and how we can continue to engage across the ITN. As you’ll see, there’s a lot of good news below, and we remain keen to learn and improve based on what we’re hearing and seeing from our community.

Quick Hits:  

  • 6,500 stakers 
  • 12 operators
  • 1mm blocks
  • 42mm Points earned so far 
  • 94 countries

Staking Prototype

An important part of any testnet is hearing from our users what's working for them and what isn't. With Polymesh ITN, it doesn’t stop there—we're elevating our feedback process to be sure that when we implement solutions, they address the needs of the community. And what better place to start than Polymesh Staking, where we’re working to improve the interface to provide more data and details to better inform users before they click stake. This includes things like operator performance details, enhanced staking data, and more. 

To build a collaborative process with our users, we've created a clickable design prototype that will take you through the improved Staking journey to give you a feel for what we believe will improve the experience. You can find the prototype and feedback forum here

Bug Bounties… so farGovernance CTA

Since the launch of the ITN, we’ve already had 2 bugs submitted that are applicable for bug bounty. The first addressed a scenario where a primary key could be attached to more than one unique ID. The second being a bug that improperly removes a secondary key from a primary key.   

Think you’ve found a bug in the Polymesh ITN? Take a look at our bug bounty program and submit through one of the channels provided. If you’ve indeed found a bug, you could get rewarded in USD. Rewards are at the sole discretion of Polymath Network and are granted on a per-case basis based on the severity of an issue. 

ITN Engagement

We’ve been monitoring everything Running with the Bulls related and are happy to report that engagement has increased across challenges—specifically, we’ve seen the amount of unique active users completing each challenge increase as time goes on. With Challenge #3, we’re now seeing users make use of the Polymesh Community, Telegram, and Reddit to connect with others to successfully distribute their testnet assets. We’ll continue to monitor all challenges to see that we can maintain, or even increase, this trend. Learn more about Challenge #3 and how to get started on Running with the Bulls here

Onboarding Completion Rates

In the last update, we spoke to the hiccups that had been causing the onboarding process to take longer than expected. We’re happy to report these have been resolved! But we’d still like to see a higher onboarding completion rate and quicker turnaround for all applicants. This is something we’ll continue to work on over the course of the ITN. 

Polymesh Support 

With over 300 tickets submitted, we’re pleased to see our community has been active in catching issues. While Zendesk tickets could be looked at as a negative, we know that they tell us we have an engaged community that wants to help improve our product. Since launch, we’ve seen an average response time of 8.1 hours on any given ticket, surpassing our internal benchmark of a same-day response. 

There’s plenty more to come with Polymesh ITN and Running with the Bulls, so stay tuned. If you’ve yet to join Running with the Bulls, learn more about how to get started now. 

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