Polymesh ITN Key Learnings for Week of June 21


With the newly launched Challenge Drop #4, Polymesh ITN continues to be a success. Here’s some of the latest learnings from Running with the Bulls and ITN.

Quick hits

  • 6,800 stakers 
  • 12 operators
  • 1.2mm blocks
  • 96 countries

Running with the Bulls Results … so far

Over the first 3 challenges of Running with the Bulls, we’ve seen total challenges completed steadily increase, showing we have an active, engaged community on our hands. With the challenge window closed, Challenge Drop #3 alone saw a completion rate of over 70% of all onboarded users. As challenges get more complex with tasks that require multiple participants to act as issuers and investors, we’re seeing surges in activity with users connecting across third-party channels like the Polymesh Community Forum, Telegram, Discord, and Reddit.

At the 2-month mark for Running with the Bulls, these are exactly the type of results that showcase the power of the Polymesh community. Challenge Drop #4 is currently open with points up for grabs—start the challenge now, or join Running with the Bulls to get started.

Governance CTAContinued RwtB Activity

It’s also been clear that participants are busy, but open to a friendly reminder about the latest challenges. We’ve seen success re-engaging users with simple reminder emails to keep them coming back to complete challenges. Ultimately, this is a good reminder for the Polymath team to keep close to our community as ITN and Running with the Bulls progress.

From Developers to Securities Professionals

Securities regulation is confusing! We’ve always known this, but we’re seeing it play out through functions within Polymesh Token Studio. This serves as a reminder that while we have an engaged community on ITN, there may be disparity between a testing / staking crowd and the institutional audience who will be deep within the nuance of regulation and compliance of security tokens. It also brings to the fore the importance of providing a clear and understandable user experience that does not make assumptions on behalf of the user.

Push for Onboarding Completion

While we’ve had some success helping users complete the over the past few weeks, we’re still working to ensure all eligible users who apply to onboard onto Polymesh complete the process. If you’ve begun the onboarding process but not yet finished, check your inbox for an approval email, or an email with additional steps. In the meantime, we’ll work with our CDD provider with continued outreach to join the Polymesh ITN.

Staking UI Prototype: A Success 

We recently took a different approach to how we adopt and implement feedback. By creating a clickable prototype to show the community how we planned to implement changes, we were able to add a touchpoint to the feedback process, helping us better understand what our community needs in a Staking UI. It’s been a resounding success and we plan to use this approach for future UI implementations. Stay tuned—the improved Polymesh Staking UI is coming soon.

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