Alcyone Release Notes: January 2021


The start of 2021 brings us yet another month closer to the launch of Polymesh mainnet. As we creep closer to that release, we’ll continue pushing out features and functionality big and small that will support issuers, investors, and other Polymesh blockchain users in the security token lifecycle.


Create your security token offering on Polymesh testnet (Alcyone) through an easy-to-use interface where you can configure your STO, track its progress, and settle transactions for your offering. Token Studio STOs on Alcyone will allow users to experience a DvP-like settlement experience with a testnet stablecoin, with future plans to allow for a hybrid approach where users can subscribe to an STO raise off-chain, followed by on-chain settlement. White Labelling Polymath CTA

To properly test this feature for Polymesh, we also need to address the investor side of an STO raise. For testnet only, we’ve created an investor portal and testnet stable coin (ALCY) to provide testers the opportunity to experience the other end of an STO raise. At this point in time, there are no plans to make the investor portal interface available on Token Studio for Polymesh mainnet, but it will remain accessible for use for testing purposes on testnet.

To test STOs and the testnet investor portal

  1. Create an STO in the Polymesh Token Studio
  2. Accept your ALCY stable coins on your Dashboard portfolio page
  3. Go to the testnet investor portal 

Portfolio Transaction History

Rather than scouring a block explorer to understand your portfolio transactions, see a clear and filtered version of your history within the Dashboard. Here you can review and explore past transactions from each of your portfolios, including which portfolio managers made those transactions. 

To see your portfolio transaction history, go to the Polymesh Dashboard.


Each of these Polymesh features are available for testing on the Alcyone Testnet through the links above. If this is your first time testing, learn more about how to get started.

Looking for a feature that has yet to be released or have feedback on what you’ve already seen? Tell us more about what you think.

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